Ingredients & Products Guide

Pantry Staples

Here is a list of what I keep stocked in my kitchen.  If you are just starting out in Korea, this could be useful.  It might seem like a lot, but  I definitely recommend stocking your kitchen if you cook most meals at home.  It will be worth it and you will not be limited by only having a few ingredients.  All of the ingredients listed below can be found at Home Plus (1-stop shopping!).

My Staples:

Soy Sauce- Low Sodium              Honey                                Sugar

Rice Vinegar                             Rice Wine                 Hot Pepper Paste

Ground Black Pepper             Natural Salt            Beef Stock Seasoning

Chicken Bouillon                 Dried Herbs/Spices                Ketchup

Oyster Sauce                           Dark Rice Syrup                  Sesame Oil


Whole Wheat Flour          White Wheat Flour                         Yeast

Cocoa Powder                   Baking Soda               Baking Powder

Balsamic Vinegar                     Red Wine Vinegar                  Canola Oil


Mixed Grain Rice                       Fish Sauce                    Olive Oil

Soybean Paste                   Sesame Seeds               Canned Tomatoes


Canned Beans (kidney, black)                                    Chocolate Chips

Coconut Xylose Sugar

Cornstarch                         Coconut Xylose Sugar


Other Products

I also wanted to share some of my favorite Korean products/brands, listed below.

-CJ Roasted Chestnuts

These are something I never used to eat in the states, however, they are really delicious and healthy! You can find these most places.

-Well-being Mocha Gold with 1/2 Calories

Mocha Gold coffee mix is found EVERYWHERE in Korea, but I like the one with 1/2 the calories, sweetened with a natural sugar alcohol.  You can find this mix at local marts or online (gmarket), I haven’t seen it in the bigger stores like Home Plus.

-Ottogi Strawberry Jam

This is seriously good.  I even like it better than the strawberry jam I used to buy in the states! I like to eat it with my Sunday Morning Biscuits.  You can find it just about anywhere.

-Ice Cream Bars

Korea makes some really amazing ice cream bars.  Here are my favorites.  The watermelon bar is refreshing and healthy with 2.5 g of Fiber.  The Green Tea Mochi with walnut ice cream has great flavor and texture.  The fish one is surprisingly good despite its weird look, the red bean tastes more like strawberry jam and the ice cream tastes like whipped cream, its heavenly!

Walnut Mochi Ice CreamFish Red Bean Ice Cream

-Aloe Juice

Sounds weird, but it is actually really refreshing on a hot summer day.  You can find the juice anywhere.

-Brown Rice Green Tea (Nokcha)

This is a mild earthy tasting tea.  I actually like it better than regular green tea.

-Citron Tea (Yujacha)

Citron tea is wonderful if you have a cold.  It is loaded with vitamin C and coats your throat, plus it’s delicious.

-Dr. You Products

Dr. You has more fiber and protein than other Korean snack foods.  These are nice if you are hungry for a sweet treat on-the-go or at work.

-Pulmuone Products

You will notice in my recipes, I recommend the Pulmuone brand.  It is an all-natural brand in Korea and I really like most of their products.  I have listed a few below including their tofu, dressings, frozen noodles, and mandu (vegetable and kimchi flavors).




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