Healthy Kimbap

Kimbap is eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner here in Korea.  It is truly a staple in the Korean diet.  Usually, seaweed and white rice are wrapped around spam, egg, tuna, and vegetables.  In this version, I use mixed-grain rice, tuna, and vegetables.

Healthy Kimbap

Healthy Kimbap

Servings: makes 3 rolls


-3 sheets of nori ‘gim’ for kimbap

-1 1/2 cups cooked mixed-grain rice, cooled

-1/2 tsp salt

-1 tsp sugar

-2 tsp rice vinegar

-1 small package of pickled radish and burdock root sticks

-1/2 small carrot, cut into thin strips

-1/2 package of firm tofu (I like the pulmuone brand shown below)

-1 Tbls sweet soy sauce (mix 1 Tbls soy sauce with 2 tsp sugar) or teriyake sauce

-1 can tuna, in water

-1 Tbls light mayonnaise

-1 to 2 tsp Korean hot pepper paste (gochujang)


1) Remove the excess water in the tofu by putting the block on a plate with another plate on top.  Put a can on top of the other plate and let set for about 30 minutes, then drain the plate.

2) Marinate the tofu with the sweet soy sauce or teriyake sauce.  Let the sauce soak in and then cut the tofu into thin strips.

3) Bake the tofu in the oven at 220 degrees Celsius for about 30-40 minutes until it is slightly crispy.

Baked Tofu

4) Drain the tuna well and mix it with the mayonnaise and hot pepper paste.  Set aside.

5) Mix the cooled rice with the salt, sugar, and rice vinegar to season.

6) Lay one piece of nori/gim on a bamboo or plastic sushi mat.  Layer in your ingredients and then roll it up tightly.

Kimbap ingredients

7) Use your fingers to rub a little sesame over the nori (gim) so it is shiny.  Cut your roll into 8-10 pieces.  I prefer 10 smaller pieces, but you need a sharp knife to accomplish this.

kimbap roll

Kimbap Rolls

Dip your rolls in soy sauce if you prefer, enjoy!

Below are the ingredients used in this recipe.  All the ingredients can be found at Home Plus.

Nori Gimmixed grain riceRice Vinegar

Pulmuone TofuSoy Sauce Low SodiumMild Tuna

Light MayoKorean Chili PastePickled Radish Mix

Nutrition Information

For 1 roll (8-10 pieces total): 275 Calories, 6.4 g Fat, 0.9 g  Saturated Fat, 25.6 mg Cholesterol, 922.7 mg Sodium, 31.2 g Carbohydrates, 4.8 g Fiber, 3.2 g Sugars, 20.4 g Protein.


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